22 Shots Presents Mini Shots (Vol V) The Witch (2016), Cabin Fever (2016), Hangman (2015) And More

Mini Shots 5Hey boys and ghouls welcome to Mini-Shots Vol. V! This time around we are proud to welcome most of the infamous and infectious 22 Shots crew featuring the likes and personalities of Moodz, JP, Jeremy, Kyle and last (and of course least) Brandon Orlick. Episode V will be featuring solo reviews (by Moodz & JP) combined reviews (by JP & Kyle) and a new segment called “Critique The Crtic” which features JP, Moodz and Brandon spitting mad venom and knowledge at the infamous reviewers Siskel and Ebert. Also, you should be prepared to hear a wide range of interesting tunes, hilarious commercials, a song by Moodz and of course bloopers at the end of the show involving the 22 Shots crew and our never ending playful shenanigans. So do yourself a favor Boys and Ghouls and download this episode right now! Finally, Grab yourself some Combos, some pudding pops and a fifth of wine and prepare yourself for 2 explosive hours of none stop fun, Chars peeps!

Jays’s The Witch Review: http://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-ep-082-the-witch-2016-and-phantasm-1979-and-phantasm-ii-1988/

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