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What is Bananalaser?!?
Bananalaser is a fun horror podcast on the Horrorphilia Podcast Network. It’s a show that covers a wide range of genre films and horror topics, new and old alike. Movie breakdowns (Motel Hell, The Shining, You’re Next),  Video Commentaries (Trick ‘r Treat, House of 1000 Corpses), Series Retrospectives (Saw, Halloween), and even original comedy sketches.  Also if news is your thing, We’ve got that covered too. Check out BananaBites in between full length episodes for updates on Blu-ray/DVD releases, upcoming theatrical releases and what’s current in horror news.
Who is Bananalaser?!?
The Show is Hosted by Matt Wizzel, Dave Z & Alex Edwards. Three sexy & endowed men whose opinionated banter will always have you laughing. But that’s not everyone. BananaLaser is all about the Lasers too! That’s you!! Check out the links below to get involved! Send an email or a vmail and let us know what you think.  We strive to bring a fun show that is not only entertaining but to make the listener feel part of a family. So come into The Laser Lounge and hang out!
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  2. Hey guys i love the podcast. I was wondering if there are any plans to uploading the rest to youtube? There only seems to be maybe half of them on your youtube page. I like to download them and listen while i exercise/jog. thanks guys and keep it going.

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