BananaLaser Episode #02 Madman and House On Sorority Row

ep #2Horrorphilia Presents Bananalaser #2!!!

This show, Matt and Dave have reviews of Madman and The House On Sorority Row.

Start – 07:30
Matt And Dave go on a retreat in the woods

07:30- 11:30 
The B boys get a strange phone call. Are they cursed?

12:30 – 59:00
Bananalaser continues their ‘Walk Through The 80’s’ with MADMAN!!

1:01:00 – 1:59:00
Up next is The House On Sorority Row. Will they tell you to ‘Peel It Back!!’ or ‘Stick It Up Your Crack!’

1:59:00 – Happy Ending
TerrorDome!! Who will Survive??!!

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