BananaLaser Episode #09 Back to School: Slaughter High & Return to Horror High

back to schoolBananalaser  Episode 9 Back to School: Slaughter High & Return to Horror High
The guys are back …  in school!! Holy Poop?! How old are these assholes? They discuss the schoolyard classics, ’86 Slaughter High and ’87 Return to Horror High. So bust out your #2 pencil and try not to fall asleep in this class!
0:00 – 11:00
The Bananalaser boys are killing time at the beginning of class and read an email from Mr. The Wolf!
11:00 – 14:40
The boys get sent to the principal’s office and run into their friend Dan Chase from the Skeleton Crew! Check ’em out!
14:40 – 01:15:00
Dave and Wizzel kill time waiting on the principal by talking about Slaughter High
01:15:00 – 01:47:00  
After an unscathed trip to the principal’s office, the guys get sent back there during next period!! But while they wait, they review Return to Horror High
01:48:00 – 2:00:00
Now back in the Laser Lounge, Dave and Matt have another bloody bout in the Terrordome!!

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