BananaLaser Episode #12 The Unholy Trinity of Friday the 13th part three

friday part 3Bananalaser is back for the Final Chapter of their Unholy Trinity of Friday
the 13th!

This show the guys discuss the first four movies in the Voorhees franchise.

So roll those monopoly dice and have some premarital sex as the boys talk
the highs and lows of the first four films.

00:00 – 45:00
Friday the 13th

45:00 – 1:21:00
Friday the 13th part 2

1:21:00 – 02:18:00
Friday the 13th part 3

02:18:00 – 03:24:00
Friday the 13th The Final Chapter

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  1. The harpoon kill is funnier when you play the song 'boss ass bitch' in the background when he walks away

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