BananaLaser Episode #17 Halloween Retrospective Part Five

RZH & H2Happy Halloween! The conclusion for the Bananalaser retrospective is here!
The guys discuss the two Rob Zombie Halloween movies. These movies are ripe for discussion. So the boys once again recruited help. This time they welcome Alex Edwards to the Laser Lounge which is surely nicer than the dungeon in which he records his show, The Skeleton Crew. Not only do they go balls deep in the two flicks, but also The Ghost Of Michael Myers directed by Alex!! So quit fingering your bagel, chill out & enjoy!!

00:00 – 01:43:00
Rob Zombie’s Halloween

01:43:00 – 01:46:00
Voicemail from Cody

01:46:00 – 02:56:10
Halloween II

02:57:00 – 03:25:00
The Ghost Of Michael Myers


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