BananaLaser Episode #18 Unholy Trinity of Sequels

bananalaser 18Bananalaser Episode #18 Unholy Trinity of Sequels

Bananalaser is back with another episode. Once again, It’s another Unholy Trinity! This time the boys discuss their top three favorite sequels in the horror genre. Can the guys keep ahold of the high of their Halloween shows? Most likely no, so sit back, relax and listen to them fail miserably!!

00:00 – 11:00
After friend of the show, Grey, leaves a voicemail wondering where Bananalaser has been, the boys do a quick intro with important announcements. They announce the movie for their upcoming commentary episode, give a shirt away, and explain that this episode was actually recorded months ago. Thanks for listening!!!

11:00 – 13:00
Great new sponser, Sundown Sacks!

12:52 – 16:40
The guys take another phone call on the Bananalaser line.

17:28 – 01:04:00
Dave and Wizzel discuss their 3rd and 2nd picks for their Unholy Trinity!

01:04:48: – 01:06:40
The Horror Realm leaves a message describing their fun page. Check ’em out!

01:06:40 – 01:29:00
The #1 picks for the guy’s Unholy Trinity of Sequels

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