BananaLaser Episode #19 Top 15 Horror Flicks Since 2008

top 15 horrorBananalaser Episode 19 Top 15 Horror Flicks Since 2008

Wassup Lasers?! It’s the holidays and Wizzel and Z are back with another great show!! This time they’re discussing and the list they’ve compiled titled 15 Best New Horror Movies. Do they agree with any of the picks? Do they think are insane? What does .ca mean?!! What Flicks would the boys put on the list? Pour some eggnog, put on your Snuggie and find out!!

Start – 58:00
#15 through #11

01:00:00 – 01:56:00
#10 through #4

01:59:00 – 02:48:00
Top 3

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