BananaLaser Episode #23 Saw Retrospective Part #2 Saw II

saw 2BananaLaser Episode #23 Saw Retrospective Part #2 Saw II

Bananalaser is back with the Saw retrospective! But this time they have
help from their friend Johnny Krueg of Krueger Nation!! They’re discussing
Saw II. Will they peel it back or stick it up your crack?! Jump in the pit
of syringes and find out!

0:00 – 0:54
Previously on BananaLaser

0:55 – 02:20
The BananaLaser guys get some company, Johnny Krueg!

02:50 – 37:17
Part one of Saw II


38:48 – 01:10:00
Part two of Saw II


01:11:48 – 01:19:16
Final thoughts and ratings on Saw II

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