BananaLaser Episode #25 Saw Retrospective Part #4 Saw IV

saw 4BananaLaser is back with their Saw Retrospective!! This episode they discuss the ins and outs of Saw IV. Will they tell ya to peel it back? Well, this time they have help. Dan Chase from The Skeleton Crew comes in to dissect this feature to bits. Thanks for listening, Lasers!!
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00:46 – 02:22
Previously on BananaLaser
02:25 – 04:10
Dan Chase comes to the rescue! Will he save the Banana Bozos?
04:38 – 28:04
Saw IV Discussion Part 1
28:16 – 28:55
A voicemail from our friend, Jonnie Gore
29:02 – 56:20
Saw IV Discussion Part 2
57:22 – 01:15:30
Saw IV Discussion Part 3: TRAPS!!
01:17:15 – 01:36:37
Saw IV Discussion Part 4
01:37:15 – 01:47:00
Awards & Ratings
Will Dan get these idiots out of captivity?! Keep Hangin’ Tough and find out!

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