BananaLaser Episode #28 Saw Retrospective Part #7 Saw: The Final Chapter

Bananalaser saw 7Hello Lasers! The Finale to BananaLaser’s Saw Retrospective is here. The guys get into a lengthy conversation on Saw : The Final Chapter! Once again, they aren’t alone. Joining them is King Horrorphilia himself, Jason Lloyd!! Also, Host of Cinema Beef Podcast and Sausagefest Review Podcast (I see a pattern with the titles), is Gary Hill. And pulling in the rear per usual, is Alex Edwards, host of The Skeleton Crew!!

Will this podcast be enough to save Bananalaser from certain death? Why the hell did Jason Lloyd force Dave Z and Wizzel to endure such madness?! Where is Alex’s phone?! All of these questions will have answers … and then some.

So put on your prosthetic foot, stitch up your face & listen! Bananalaser is on the air!!

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02:11 – 03:40
Previously on BananaLaser

03:40 – 06:20
Find out what the hell Jason Lloyd’s been up to

06:20 – 16:00
Part 1 with a special intro from our friend, Cosmic Creepers


16:30 – 29:00
Part 2

29:00 – 30:40
Jigsaw’s final message to Hoffman

30:40 – 47:20
Part 3 TRAPS!!!


49:19 – 59:14
Part 4

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Part 5
Awards, Ratings & Rankings

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  1. It is my favorite show and I was really excited to see that mostly people are willing to watch this show. It has been getting more exciting with the arrival of every new episode of this show.

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