BananaLaser Episode #29 Friday The 13th… A Plastic Nightmare

bananalaser eo 29BananaLaser Episode 29
Friday The 13th… A Plastic Nightmare

Dave Z and Wizzel are finally out of the bathroom and back to the lounge!! This is a jam packed episode that includes a movie review of Pin…, Friday the 13th movie talk & we let the listeners run the show for a segment. What could possibly go wrong??!! Thanks for listening Lasers!!

00:00 – 01:17
Need to get the living out of your house? Listen to this commercial for help!

01:17 – 04:14
Matt & Dave finally make it back to the lounge, but how long were they gone?

04:50 – 09:07
The boys introduce the show & Matt talks about seeing Ghost live.

Satan’s Prayer – Ghost

10:18 – 45:40
Fan Grab!! The boys take listener suggestions.

Zombie Queen – Ghost

46:51 – 48:25
Angel Above Devil Below

48:33 – 01:16:36
The guys discuss what they want in a new Friday the 13th flick.

Stand By Him – Ghost

01:17:26 – 01:45:14
A spoiler free review of Pin … A Plastic Nightmare

Genesis – Ghost

01:46:32 – 01:49:27

Ritual – Ghost

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