BananaLaser Episode #31 A Tale Of Two Fathers

bananalaser ep 31BananaLaser Ep 31 A Tale Of Two Fathers

Hello Lasers! It’s been a wild few weeks & it all culminates with this episode of Bananalaser! We discuss the film The Sacrament and we get into full detail of the CCLA debacle with our brother, Alex Edwards. Plus we continue the storyline of the boys being trapped in the future! (We’re still doing that?!) What exactly has been happening & what is Producer Pete’s part in all of it?
Pour a glass of Kool-Aid and relax. Let BananaLaser wash over you.
00:00 – 01:11
PSA Commercial
02:10 – 03:12
Epic Voice Over
03:20 – 08:27
Why has Pete disappeared? What prompted Jason Lloyd to make Bananalaser do a Saw retrospective? Finally, there is some answers.
08:58 – 13:08
Introduction from the BananaBoys
Heartbeats by The Knife (from Ti West’s The Sacrament)
14:19 – 01:01:35
Discussion about The Sacrament (Includes Spoilers!!!!!)
01:01:35 – 01:06:21
Tony T gives his opinions about The Sacrament in a voicemail (Includes Spoilers!!!)
01:06:24 – 01:07:04
Bananalaser gets a voicemail from Mahoney
01:07:06 – 01:08:52
A Mahoney song designed by Cosmic Creepers & Jackson Garland
01:08:52 – 01:30:48
Breakdown of CCLA ordeal with guest Alex Edwards
01:30:52 – 01:37:40
Voicemails from listeners about CCLA
Cody Robinson
Jerry Vitetta
Jamie D. Jenkins
Tony T!!
Jordi Ostir
01:37:40 – 02:00:46
CCLA rules breakdown with Alex Edwards
02:00:46 – 02:06:46
The guys close the show and say Thank You’s
Pete makes a phone call that changes the guys destiny

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