BananaLaser Episode #32 Jason Voorhees & The Greatest Horror Icons

Bananalaser ep 32BananaLaser Episode 32 Jason Voorhees & The Greatest Horror Icons


Happy Friday the 13th and Happy birthday to Jason!!

Bananalaser is here to celebrate with you once more on this holiday. We have lots of Friday the 13th talk which we talk some of our favorite characters, actors, kills and so on. But also, we have a list from all about the greatest horror icons of all time! So sit around the campfire, engage in premarital sex & smoke a doobie! Bananalaser has a fun episode for you!!

00:00 – 01:26
Tonight’s sponsor

01:26 – 03:20
Fireside ghost story of Bananalaser

04:00 – 12:49
Introductions & the Banana Boys get a funny and insightful email


13:58 – 58:09
Top Horror Icons from

He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) – Alice Cooper


01:01:15 – 01:59:12
Friday the 13th Baby!!


02:00:00 – 02:04:00
Bananalaser finally confronts Father Mahoney and Producer Pete

02:04:22 – 02:05:40
The guys finally make it back to their own time?

02:06:10 – 02:08:20

Crystal Lake After Dark – Alex Edwards

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