BananaLaser Episode #37 Rollin’ Through The 70’s: DeathDream

bananalaser ep 37BananaLaser Episode 37

Rollin’ Through The 70’s


Welcome back Lasers! Alex, Dave Z & Wizzel are back with another blast of potassium for you, continue to Roll Through The 70’s with Bob Clark’s 1972 film DeathDream AKA Dead of Night. Check it out on our YouTube channel. And subscribe while you’re there.
BananaLaser’s Motel Hell giveaway sponsored by Cosmic Creepers is still alive. Check out how to win. But hurry, time is limited!!
Special guest Jamie Jenkins drops in to reveal her nightmare tale of meeting Scott Montgomery in the Montgomery Minute.
The BananaHeads take some lasers questions, talk movies they’ve been watching and Pin makes a surprise appearance!
Also, Alex and Dave’s feud continues on BananaLaser’s Horror Trivia Challenge of Friday the 13th. Who will win to decide the movie from 1973?

This and plenty more. Thanks Lasers!

00:00 – 02:12
Matt intros the show describing how you can win a Blu Ray of Motel Hell 7 other Scream Factory Merchandise.

02:12 – 08:10
Another episode in the BananaLaser sitcom with a special appearance by Pin.

08:40 – 19:00
The guys intro the show with their usual babble.

19:26 – 43:39
BananaLaser answers questions from the Lasers and the Facebook group page. Be sure to join if you haven’t already.

44:58 – 57:26
BananaLaser’s Montgomery Minute with special guest Jamie Jenkins

57:45 – 1:21:24
The guys discuss some flicks they’ve been watching lately. Peel ’em Back or Stick ’em up Your Crack

01:23:19 – 01:47:15
BananaLaser’s Horror Trivia Challenge

01:48:20 – 02:33:29
1972 DeathDream with Spoilers!! (trust us, there really isn’t anything to spoil)
Check out the movie on our YouTube channel

02:34:26 – 02:37:02
The guys say goodbye until next time

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