BananaLaser Episode #39 WTF Halloween Special

bl39BananaLaser Episode 39
The BananaLaser WTF Halloween Special
Happy Halloween Lasers and welcome to a very special episode of BananaLaser. Inside the show Matt, Dave & Alex discuss Halloween flicks outside of the franchise, facts about Halloween in general and a spoiler free review of The WNUF Halloween Special. Peel It Back or Stick It Up Your Crack?
But that isn’t everything. This is Halloween and this show is packed with so many fun things inside of it’s  unique format. So make sure you’re done Trick or Treating and peel this back!
Thanks for listening Lasers!
00:00- 02:00
A young boy receives an unmarked VHS tape on Halloween. What could be on it?
02:00 – 04:51
08:00 – 11:13
The three man riot introduce the special
13:46 – 46:45
A spoiler free discussion of the film The WNUF Halloween Special
49:39 – 01:13:57
SPOILER discussion of WNUF
01:15:10 – 02:12:13
Wizzel wants to talk about the holiday Halloween and its traditions
01:29:46 – 02:12:13
Dave Z is a beast this year. He is attempting to watch every movie set on Halloween.
02:15:27 – 02:18:00
The guys say goodbye and Happy Halloween!
02:18:00 – End
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