BananaLaser Episode #44 John Carpenter Retrospective Part 3: The Thing

bananalaser ep 44BananaLaser Episode #44 John Carpenter Retrospective Part 3: The Thing
Welcome Lasers! It’s time for another BananaLaser Retrospective. We set our targets on John Carpenter. The final  film up is The Thing from 1982. How does this film hold up? The guys get into this film in depth for 90 minutes! Plus an exclusive interview with the man himself, John Carpenter! Yes, you read that correctly!!  Also a mini spoiler free review of Clown. Don’t become the Thing!! Become a Laser! Enjoy.
00:00 – 03:35
03:35 – 19:51
Review of the movie Clown release date TBD (SPOILER FREE!)
20:30 – 25:00
A very special interview with John Carpenter!!
25:44 – 01:19:46
The Thing part 1
BREAK with a voicemail from Jackson Garland
01:21:45 – 01:50:35
The Thing part 2
01:52:49 – 01:56:35

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  1. He sure was retrospective in this situation because at that time it is the obvious thing we should be doing. There are many things that are meant to be sure when you are having something to elaborate.

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