BananaLaser Episode #45 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: The Exorcist

IMG_2246BananaLaser Episode #45 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: The Exorcist

LaserNation! On this episode of BananaLaser we call on the assistance of the wonderful Jamie Jenkins to continue Rollin’ Through the ’70s with a complete review of The Exorcist from 1973.

Also we give away 2 Blu-ray copies of Digging Up The Marrow signed by Adam Green! Did you win? Did you leave us a 5 star rating & review? Then you may have, Laser!

Plus, the trilogy is finished, as Dave and Alex retell the interactions with some Halloween Uber-Fans on Facebook. First Mahoney. Then Montgomery. Now the final chapter has arrived!

Will you be exorcized of your demons? Will Mahoney be sacrificed in a strange ritual? Will Jamie ever come back? All of this and more awaits you, Laser!

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00:00 – 09:42
Dave Z invites Jamie to the lounge to get into the Satanic ’70s vibe.

11:05 – 14:12
Introductions and the gang welcomes Jamie Jenkins

14:12 – 44:27
The final chapter in the fan boy trilogy. Hear what exactly happened to Dave and Alex. Plus Tony T leaves a Vmail about his place in the story.

44:47 – 01:53:38
In Depth Spoiler Full Review of The Exorcist 1973
Plus a voicemail from Mayra J!

01:54:53 – 01:57:07
Digging up the Marrow Blu-Ray Giveaway

01:57:57 – 02:02:02

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