BananaLaser Episode #50 The 2 Year BananaVersary

2YearBananaLaser Episode #50 The 2 Year BananaVersary 

LaserNation, It’s time to celebrate because the BL Podcast has invited you to an event for a celebration. Not only is this episode #50 but this month also makes BananaLaser 2 years old! Join Matt, Dave & Alex not in the Lounge, but in a theater downtown as the celebrate with you! The show is overflowing with potassium! Take a look back at the last two years during the This Is Your Life segment and get some insight into BL’s infancy. Also The Lasers will be heard and celebrated with voicemails, emails & Fan Grabs. Plus a supersized TerrorDome!! that makes up lost time for a year and a half. Special guest, Special Songs & Special Surprises await you tonight! So take a shower, put on your Sunday best & put a banana down your pants because it’s time to celebrate! 

00:00 – 01:20
Did you  send an email or voicemail! Wizzel has a surprise for you! 

01:38 – 12:46
The conclusion to BL’s Stand By Me parody. Do the guys find the dead body? Is someone else waiting for them? 

13:04 – 15:08
Special Guest Host Kosmic Kreepers 

15:08 – 25:50
One by one the Laser Men are introduced in glorious fashion. 

28:50 – 02:14:15
This Is Your Life!
A complete walkthrough of the saga that is the BL Podcast. Complete with Lasers voting on favorite episodes. 

02:16:00 – 04:19:15
Fan Grab!
We answer the burning questions from the LaserNation! 

04:21:49 – 05:35:10
The Return of the Terrordome!!
The guys put every movie villain they’ve ever missed inside for a battle to the death. 

05:36:10 – 05:41:12
The Answer to the ultimate question, What is a BananaLaser? 

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Thanks for listening Lasers! Here’s to two more years!



  1. What a rush!
    Work responsibilities have taken me away from listening regularly lately, but my enthusiasm for BL is strong because of episodes like this one.
    Happy anniversary guys and keep up the potassium!!!!

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