BananaLaser Podcast Soundtrack Vol. 1

bananalaser podcast soundtrack vol 1BananaLaser Podcast Soundtrack Vol. 1

Welcome Lasers! This special from Bananalaser is a collection of songs from the podcast starting back at episode 1. We’ve played a lot of songs over the course of the show and this is part one of three soundtrack installments. The songs on this volume vary from certain sub genres of rock (industrial, hair metal, classic) but are put together to flow nicely. So music fans and Lasers alike, sit back a rock out to this great mix. Thanks for listening!


Introduction from Wizzel

01:51 Ghost – Con Clavi Con Dio

05:06 Kyuss – Green Machine

08:22 King Buzzo – Isabella

11:37 Ministry – Cannibal Song

17:03 Tomahawk – Bird Song

21:48 – Dale Crover – Dead Wipe

24:31 Ghost – Satan’s Prayer

28:58 D.C LaCroix – The Devil’s Son

32:27 Fastway – Stand Up

36:19 Alice Cooper – The Man Behind The Mask

39:52 Deep Purple – Black Night

43:12 Fastway – After Midnight

46:45 Love And Rockets – No Big Deal

51:26 Dwight Twilley – Looking For The Magic

54:32 Deep Purple – Space Truckin’

58:59 Ministry Everyday is Halloween

01:05:29 The Knife – Heartbeats

01:09:20 John5 – The Nightmare Unravels

Stay Tuned for the Next Two Volumes of The BananaLaser Podcast Soundtrack!

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