BananaLaser Podcast Soundtrack Vol. 2

bananalaser podcast soundtrack vol 2BananaLaser Podcast Soundtrack Vol. 2

*Welcome Lasers! This special from Bananalaser is a collection of songs from the podcast starting back at episode 1. We’ve played a lot of songs over the course of the show and this is part two of three
soundtrack installments. The songs on this volume vary from certain sub genres of hip hop (rap, instrumentals, dance) but are put together to flow nicely. So music fans and Lasers alike, sit back and jam out to this great mix. Thanks for listening!*

*00:00 BananaBlast – Jackson Garland*

*02:43 Welcome to the Terrordome! – Public Enemy*

*08:04 Krush Groove 3 (Darryl and Joe) – Run D.M.C.*

*14:24 Play this at night – Doug E. Fresh*

*19:12 Storm Warning – Latyrx*

*24:41 Weather People – RJD2*

*27:16 Solomon Jones – RJD2*

*28:30 Reckless – The Glove and Ice T*

*31:58 Santa’s Rap The Treacherous Three*

*38:00 Leprechaun’s Rap – Warwick Davis*

*39:28 Haunted Hose of Rock – Whoudini*

*45:13 Banana – M.I.A.*

*45:47 You Talk To Much – Run D.M.C.*

*51:39 One Of A Kind – Atmosphere*

*55:06 BananaBlast – Jackson Garland*

*56:10 Mahoney’s Song – Jackson Garland & Cosmic Creepers*

*57:56 Murder Ink – Dr. Dre*

*1:00:23 Divine Intervention – Divine Styler and DJ Shadow*

*1:04:16 Up For Grabs – DJ Shadow*

*1:05:16 On We March – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross*

*1:09:29 Enemy Lines – DJ Shadow*

*1:14:28 Doin It Right – Daft Punk feat. Panda Bear*

*1:18:36 Heaven – RJD2*

*1:21:15 BananaBlast – Jackson Garland*

*Keep HANGIN’ TOUGH for the third Volume!!*

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