BananaLaser Skits & Splits Vol. 1

skits and splits vol 1BananaLaser Skits & Splits Vol. 1

Welcome back, Lasers! Here is a very special edition of the podcast. BananaLaser has done many bits, commercials & fake sponsors over the years and here they all are in one podcast. Volume one will encompass the first year of BL culminating with the Saw Retrospective. With Crazy Ralph, stupid phone calls, unused promos & commercials, this podcast has everything! All
compiled chronologically. The good, the bad & the worse!

Here is what’s on the show:

Lollipop Sponsor
Crazy Ralph 1
Hairless Pets Sponsor
Ralph’s Truck Hood Sharpener Sponsor
Retreat For Gifted Children (Man Man)
Crazy Ralph 2
Anal Ease Sponsor
Phone Call 1
Movie Night (Thriller)
Phone Call 2 with Alex
Back to School 1
Back to School 2
Friday the 13th The Final Chapter
Friday the 13th
Phone Call 3
Ghostbusters Parody
Promo 1
Promo 2
Crew Intro 1
Crew Intro 2
Unused Promo
Promo 3
Home Alone Parody Version 1
Home Alone Parody Version 2
Ape Commercial
S.U.R.V.I.V.E. Sponsor
Saw Saga

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