BananaLaser’s Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives Video Commentary

bananalaser friday 6 commentaryThe BananaLaser Boys celebrate Friday the 13th in style with their first ever movie commentary, selected by you the fans of the show. They are also joined by none other than Alex from The Skeleton Crew. Will they end up having a new appreciation of the film, or will they just have a blast picking it apart? Download, stream it, and get ready to peel it back.

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  1. This isn't funny like you "advertised" on Facebook. :/ It's just kinda boring and you point out a few interesting points, but other than that.. I'd rather watch the actual movie and do my own dub.

  2. This isn't any different than the other fan commentaries I've heard before. Maybe touching upon a Friday the 13th movie leaves you open to negative backlash. I had fun with it.

  3. This one is much better than the Nightmare 4 commentary. These guys are clearly big fans of Friday the 13th and horror in general with great memories and knowledge. Plus, these guys work together very well and are funny. If only the Nightmare 4 commentary was nearly as good. This is how you succeed in bashing a movie.

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