Blood Booze And Reviews: Episode 01 – Live Deliciously

Logo“Episode 1 – Live Deliciously”
For our debut episode the Blood, Booze and Reviews cast members, Tara, David, Sara, Conor and Brown, decided to lend their reviews of “The Witch”. We discuss the different elements of the film including why we think fans will either love of hate this film. We talked about some other recent horror news like the debut of the trailer for Rob Zombie’s “31” and what recent horror film we’ve seen and enjoyed. Oh and what adult beverage we’re enjoying during our episode. So join us as we reflect on this 17th century New England tale!

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  1. My only beef about this podcast was the audio level of Conor. It was much lower and very thin and trebly which made listening difficult every time he chimed in. Other than that I did enjoy it. Thanks.

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