Bloody Bits #05 January 27, 2015 Horror Dvd/Blu-ray Releases

Welcome to Bloody Bits, the weekly recap of recent horror movies released on blu-ray and dvd for that specific week. This is brought to you by My Bloody Podcast and Every week I’ll have an audio recap to listen to, containing mini reviews and recommendations. Click red links to purchase the film and check out the trailers and synopsis for each film.

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open windows blu-rayOpen Windows from Cinedigm

When Nick (Elijah Wood) discovers that he’s won a dinner date with his favorite star Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), he’s incredibly excited to finally get the chance to meet her. That excitement deflates when Jill refuses to honor the contest and all of Nick’s hopes are dashed. He’s intrigued when Chord (Neil Maskell), a man claiming to be Jill’s campaign manager, offers him something he can’t quite refuse: Chord will give Nick the ability to constantly view Jill via computer. Nick is initially reluctant but is finally persuaded, unaware that this decision will put both himself and Jill at risk.



816MCK53JWL._SL1500_Why Don’t You Play In Hell (2013) from Cinedigm

Master filmmaker Sion Sono (Love Exposure; Cold Fish) describes his frenzied, gleeful new masterpiece as an action film about the love of 35mm. Based on a screenplay he wrote nearly fifteen years ago, WHY DON T YOU PLAY IN HELL? is among Sono s very best work, as his trademark excess and outrageousness is infused with an affection for the previous century of Japanese cinema. This is Sion Sono with his talent and unique vision completely unleashed.


71rzdsO-fxL._SL1000_The Unliving aka Tomb of the Werewolf (2004) from Bayview Entertainment/Widowmaker


feed the godsFeed The Gods (2014) from Xlrator

When slacker/aspiring filmmaker Will (Shawn Roberts) and his well-to-do brother Kris (Tyler Johnston, The Killing) track down their birth parents, Will sees the opportunity to get some closure, as well as maybe capture a heartwarming reunion on camera. With Kris fiancé Brit (Emily Tennant, Jennifer s Body) in tow, the three of them head out to discover this long- lost family. What they are unprepared for though, is what exactly this cryptic small town has in store for them. Weird locals abound and rumors of a Bigfoot creature haunting the area at first seem silly… but things quickly escalate into a frantic, scary and action-packed nightmare with more than a few casualties along the way.


mas negro dvdMas Negro Que La Noche (2014) from Lionsgate

Greta moves into her recently deceased aunt’s mansion and starts throwing wild parties with her friends; however, what looks to be the best summer of their lives turns into a fight for their lives after Beker, her aunt’s prized cat, drowns in the home’s pool.



big driverBig Driver (2014) from Lionsgate

A famous mystery writer sets out for revenge after a brutal attack and rape. 


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  1. That was the one horror movie to watch that had really creep me out when I was watching it all alone. There are many exciting scenes in this movie which makes it a good entertaining movie.

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