Bloody Bits #19 May 12, 2015 Horror Dvd/Blu-ray Releases

Bloody Bits 19Welcome to Bloody Bits, the weekly recap of recent horror movies released on blu-ray and dvd for that specific week. This is brought to you by My Bloody Podcast and Every Tue/Wed is a new podcast recap episode, containing mini reviews and recommendations. Click on the red links to purchase the movie and check out the trailers and synopsis for each film. The music theme for the episode is from Satan’s Blade!

icetastrophe  dvdIcetastrophe from Alchemy

As a meteor enters the Earth s atmosphere, it splits in two above a small unsuspecting town. The first part, a smaller fragment, slams deep into the mountains leaving behind a burning crater. The second larger piece blazes over the town. Witnessing this is TIM and MARLEY, two young lovers forbidden to be together, thanks to a truly modern day family feud. Excited, they race back to town, unaware that the second half of the meteor has smashed directly into Main Street and they are unprepared for what they are about to see.


an irish exorcismAn Irish Exorcism from Virgil Films

In her final year at school, Anthropology student Lorraine decides to film her final project – the subject of exorcism within the Catholic Church. Recording interviews with priests from the local diocese, she stumbles upon Fr. Byrne, an older priest who is currently helping a young mother whose daughter is apparently possessed by a demonic force. The curiosity of Lorraine, along with her camera operator, Cathal, leads them down a dark path of discovering the terrifying truth, and things go from strange to worse as all involved become entangled into a frightful journey to save a little girl’s life.


the drownsman blu-rayThe Drownsman from Anchor Bay

After nearly drowning in a lake, Madison develops a hydrophobia that is emotionally crippling. When she begins seeing visions of an evil figure, four friends stage an intervention but accidentally open a gate to a dark place.


satans blade blu-raySatans Blade from Olive Films

The haunting legend of the mountains becomes a shocking reality when seemingly innocent holidaymakers become victims of sadistic stabbings. Romance and murder are horrifyingly entangled. Satan’s Blade will stop at nothing.


extraterrestrialExterrestrial from Scream Factory/IFC
Directed by the Vicious Brothers

Still reeling from her parents’ divorce, April (Brittany Allen, Dead Before Dawn) is dragged by her boyfriend (Freddie Stroma, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince, Pitch Perfect), and a group of his friends back to the cabin where she spent summers as a child. Her trip down memory lane takes a dramatic and terrifying turn when a fireball descends from the sky and explodes in the nearby woods. The group venture out to the crash site and discover the remnants of a ship from another planet, along with footprints that suggest its alien occupants are still alive. They soon find themselves caught in the middle of something bigger and more terrifying than anything they could ever imagine.


These Final Hours Blu-rayPick of the Week

These Final Hours from Well Go Usa

The End Is Here. The extinction of mankind is at hand. As a meteor hurtles toward the globe, the citizens of Earth have 12 hours to choose their fate. Some will party, some will pray, and still others will unleash their inner animals, embracing the chaos and destruction of the coming firestorm.
James (Nathan Phillips, SNAKES ON A PLANE) only wants to escape the pain of annihilation, and is on his way to his friends apocalyptic blowout when he discovers Rose (Angourie Rice, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS), lost and searching for her father. Reluctantly, he agrees to help but this final good deed will prove far more dangerous than he ever expected.
Also starring Sarah Snook ( Predestination ), THESE FINAL HOURS follows one man’s journey to find humanity in a world that will never see another sunrise.