Bloody Bits #72 March 7th, 2017 Horror Dvd/Blu-ray Releases

Welcome to Bloody Bits, the weekly recap of recent horror movies released on blu-ray and dvd for that specific week. This is brought to you by My Bloody Podcast and Every Tue/Wed is a new podcast recap episode, containing mini reviews and recommendations. Click on the links to purchase the movie. Music featured in the podcast is from Pulse, and Pig Pen.  Thanks to Philip Perron for his reviews of  Last Word and Devil In the Dark. You can find out about his podcast Dark Discussions here. Thanks to Charlie Brady for his reviews of The Raking, Capture Kill Release and Ghosts of Darkness. Thanks to Mr. Watson for his Vod review of Lavender. You can check out his podcast page here.

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March 7th

The Lesson

Pick of the Week
Eyes of My Mother

Bloody Bits Rewind
Pig Pen

Vod Reviews
Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word
Devil In The Dark
The Raking
Capture, Kill, Release
Ghosts of Darkness