Bloody Bits Fantasia 2017 Horror Review Special

Welcome to a special edition episode of Bloody Bits where I review the horror screeners I watched for Fantasia Festival 2017. Thanks to the PR Team of Emmanuelle, Kaila and Ted for the opportunity to review these films. Intro music is from Replace and outro song is from The Night Watchmen. For more information on the festival and the films shown check here:

Films Reviewed
Dead Man Tells His Own Tale 3:26 – 9:42
Game of Death 9:42 – 17:06
Sequence Break 17:06 – 22:43
The Night Watchmen 22:43 – 30:04
Friendly Beast 30:04 – 35:38
Replace 35:38 – 43:48
Fashionista 43:48 – 53:23

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