Cristi Hates Horror Episode 14: Grace with the Mothers

Grace movie poster Sundance 2009It’s Mother’s Day 2014, and we welcome both of your host’s mothers to the show Gary Hill calls the voice mail line with a Mother’s Day greeting The Mothers shed some light into the youth of Huke and Cristi The bus is running high speed… who will get thrown under? What was Cristi’s nicknames as a kid? We eventually talk about ‘Grace’ We get into some real life ghost talk to wrap up the show.

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  1. Hey guys, I really enjoy your show, especially this episode! I’ll have to find Grace and give it a watch…It was great to hear your mom’s on the show! How fun. I’d never convince my mom to watch a horror film. Yeah, don’t ever watch A Serbian Film…It’s pretty much the most disturbing thing I’ve seen…You guys keep doing what you’re doing! I really liked how for this episode Cristi took the reins and explained things to the moms. Great insight into the themes of the movie. Look forward to the next episode!
    Nisu Shah – Portland, Oregon

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