Dolls of Despair #5 Leprechaun 5!

Welcome to the first group review from the Dolls of Despair. Syn Stacy, Splatter Flick Chick, Dead Redd and Girl Afraid review Leprechaun 5, and each lady picks a different movie to review on their own. All this plus Leprechaun songs, third legs, and other shenanigans you have to hear. Check out more reviews, interviews and articles from the ladies over at

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Leprechaun 5 (2000) directed by Rob Spera reviewed by the Dolls

He’s been in the countryside, downtown, Las Vegas, outer space an now in the hood. The Dolls had a great time discussing the crazy adventures of a leprechaun trapped in the hood. This movie stars Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun, Iced-T as Mack Daddy, Anthony Montgomery as Postmaster P, and Rashaan Nall as Stray Bullet. In the hood they will do anything to make it to the top even if that includes pissing off a psychotic leprechaun who just wants his gold.

Dark Tide (2012) directed by John Stockwell reviewed by Syn Stacy

Katie (Hallie Berry) is known as the shark whisper. However, she suffers a personal loss at the beginning of the film that causes her to sink into a deep depression and keeps her from swimming with her beloved sharks. Now with her business failing she receives an offer to take a billionaire to dive with the sharks, outside the cage. She finds out just what lengths she’ll go to when her back is against the wall.

Murder Set Pieces (2004) directed by Nick Palumbo by Dead Redd

Set in Las Vegas. This is the story of a fashion photographer whose vocation is murder, a voyeuristic nightmare of blood sex and brutality. The tag line is “The most visceral horror film ever made.”

We Are the Night (2010) directed by Dennis Gansel reviewed by Splatter Flick Chick

Set in Berlin, three beautiful female vampires choose a fourth female vampire named Lena. Lena is a dirty and grungy pick and pocket. However, this ugly duckling turns unto a swan. This movies displays a beautiful transformation from a moral into an immortal. Criminals, the police department, and jealously can not keep these vampy women together.

Evil Things (2009) directed Dominic Perez reviewed by Girl Afraid

This movie is considered found footage. It documents five college students for a weekend. One of the student’s documents the weekend where the students are descended into a nightmarish, pure terror of hell where they all disappear.