Episode 18: Torture Chamber (2013) – 22 Shots Of Moodz And Horror

10662168_1132833983413716_1930043621105960918_oNews – includes Halloween 3D, V/H/S/3, Poltergeist 3D, Sharknado 3, And DVD Announcements

00:57:38 – Moodz Swingz, Top 5 Worst Horror Films, Viewer Questions Include what film we revisit the most, What Horror Film Would you direct? What Dead body would you hook up with in a Friday film? 

01:36:02 – Alien Raiders (2008)

01:39:58 – Antisocial (2013)

01:47:35 – Crawlspace (1986)

01:51:30 – Invitation to Hell (1984)

01:55:24 – Funny Man (1994)

02:00:04 – Gummo (1997) 

02:05:38 – Jps Pick Of The Week

02:09:21 – Moodz Pick Of The Week

02:13:25 – Jeremys Pick Of The Week

02:17 :20 – Torture Chamber (2013) In the final segment Jp and Moodz battle back and fourth in a debate that gets a little heated. Both feel very strongly about the film but in oppisite ways. Meanwhile Jeremy remains silent and listens in. So was Torture Chamber good or bad? Will this be the end Jp and Moodz friendship? Will This be the end of the podcast? Will there ever be another Scooby Doo reference? and Will Jeremy ever say anything? Tune in to find out the answers to some of these questions!

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