Episode 20: Viewers Choice – 22 Shots Of Moodz And Horror

10662168_1132833983413716_1930043621105960918_oNews: This weeks news starts off with a bomb of a release. The Titan Scream Factory announces their partnership with Anchor Bay to release the complete Halloween collection. With the long sought after Producers cut of Halloween 6. We talk of Rob Zombies new film 3I for a while. Which sparks a long discussion of Rob Zombies film career. Finally in the main event of the news Moodz and Jp take swings amd shots at the info regarding the upcoming Friday The 13th Tv Series. Other news includes Godzilla 2, Wolfcop 2, Amityville, V/H/S 3, and More

01:31:53 – Moodz Swingz: First we get into our and your Top 5 Post 2000s Vampire Films. Then Moodz gives us a coroner report courtesy of Rue Morgue. After that Moodz fills us in on all The DVD/Blu-Ray Releases coming out. Finally we do a little listener Q&A. 

02:05:48 – Jps Pick Of The Week

02:12:06 – Jeremys Pick Of The Week 

02:17:54 – Moodz Pick Of The Week

02:27:28 – The Tripper (2006)

02:42:48 – Pieces (1982)

02:56:51 – The Fog (1980)

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