Episode 21: Mr. Jones (2013) – 22 Shots Of Moodz And Horror

10662168_1132833983413716_1930043621105960918_o00:00:01 – Intro: We go into horror magazines for a bit. Then Moodz Tells JP whats good about Troma. Finally JP asks The Question Troma or Full Moon. 

00:12:53 – News: In a slow week in horror Jp tries to scrap together some kind of news which includes. Joe Dante is Producing a new film The Drak. Skyline 2 is happening. Eli Roth producing South Of Hell. News on the IT remake causes us to get into a conversation on recasting our favorite horror characters. We then get sidetracked into Hellraiser and why Indies are where its at in terms of originality. Also The Shining prequel, The Devils Knot, and Rotten Cotton . At 00:39:00 Moodz give us a rundown of all the DVD/Bluray releases for this week.

00:50:18 – Moodz Swingz: First up we talk your and our Top 5 Horror Movie Tittles. Then Jp and Moodz get into The Final Destination series and why we need another one. After that we talk about how to construct a top favorite films list. Finally Moodz gives us the Rue morgue morbid fact of the day.

01:34:40 – Listener Feedback/Q&A: Includes Halloween Boxset, Most Disturbing film, Stopping Collecting, Norman Bates vs Stepfather and more. 

02:01:54 – Patrick (1978)

02:06:07 – Final Exam (1981)

02:13:22 – Carrie (2013)

02:22:43 – Terror Toons (2002)

02:28:52 – Patrick (2013)

02:32:12 – Psycho Holocaust (2009)

02:38:28 – Jps Pick Of The Week

02:43:13 – Moodz Pick Of The week

02:50:09 – Mr. Jones (2013)

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