Episode 25: The Monkey’s Paw (2013) – 22 Shots Of Moodz And Horror

10662168_1132833983413716_1930043621105960918_o00:00:01 – Intro: We get into same Argento talk. 

00:18:10 – News: We talk some Stephen King, Paranormal Activity 5 no wait 6 or no 5 or wait whats Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Nights, We end news with a odd announcement of a direct sequel to 78s I Spit On Your Grave 

00:48:37 – DVD/Blu-Ray’s that get released this week. 

01:12:09 – Moodz brings up a interesting question. Whats the next big sub genre to over saturate the horror world? Jp then asks When does a series become a franchise? 

01:16:56 – We ask the listeners some questions. 1. What sequels do you like better than the orginal? 2. When does a film series become a franchise? 3. What are the best horror trailers out there? 

01:22:12 – Moodz talks about a new streaming service and we talk about why we are not covering The Battery this week. Then Moodz brings us another cornors report. 

01:31:33 – Listener Q&A: We get into our Holy Grail films, Our top 3 films we like but other horror fans don’t, Commentaries, Our favorite Giant Monsters, And Eraserhead. 

01:53:45 – The Vagrant (1992) 

01:57:23 – Armistice (2013) 

02:00:35 – Kalevet (2010) 

02:04:51 – Jps Pick Of The Week 

02:09:45 – Jeremy’s Pick Of The Week 

02:12:52 – Moodz Pick Of The Week 

02:18:49 – Quick Cuts 

02:45:55 – The Monkey’s Paw (2013)

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