Evil Episodes Podcast Bonus Episode

EEPBonusEvilDeadWelcome to a very special bonus episode:
In this episode we are exclusively discussing the Evil Dead remake. That’s right, no news, no TV horror, straight to the chunky, gory meat with approximately 90 minutes of Evil Dead being discussed and dissected. I am pleased we were able to gather four vastly unique voices on the matter in such a quick turn around time from the movie’s release this past Friday.  Corey is along for the ride as always, and we welcomed back to the show once again Doug Tilley, and a very special guest that has just made her big return to the podcasting world, Robin Coleman of Allhorror.net.  For long time listeners of the show you may remember Robin & Julie guest hosting on the podcast way back on the very first two episodes covering the Walking Dead’s 1st season. (Yep it’s been that long). Enough of the intros lets get to it folks…..
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