Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #04 Masters of Horror’s “Cigarette Burns” & “That Damned Thing” now available!

Hope you’re back for more because it’s episode number four!  Today we discuss a couple of episodes from the series masters of horror….”Cigarette Burns” & “That Damned Thing” (chosen at random). For a series that features a lot of hit or miss, how will these two episodes fare? Darrick is back and has settled into the role after making his debut on episode #3.  I open the show with a rant on the Darabont-AMC situation and then get into a couple of game reviews of Shangri-La zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops, along with thoughts on Playdead studio’s Limbo.  We also manage to work in some NFL talk as we react to the real life horror regarding the shooting in the parking lot after the 49ers/Raiders game.

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