Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #100 Savior the Flavor!

EEP100LogoDo not adjust the dial, your TV horror fix is back,
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #100!
We made it….ONE HUNDRED episodes!  Hard to believe, right?  On this episode we tackle The Walking Dead’s S6 finale including the final scene that has split audiences. Do we still think the same person died as we did prior to the finale? Did this episode need to be 90 minutes? We get into all that and more. Fear the Walking Dead’s S2 premiered as well. Are they doing enough to distinguish the show from TWD? What do we want to see as the season goes on?  Bates Motel is chugging along….has the time come to end all the extra sub plots? (Was that time 2 seasons ago? Haha). We also watched the movie Hush which is currently streaming on netflix, and some news on the Tales from the Crypt reboot, the series based on The Mist….and so much more!


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