Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #101 Unholy Matrimony

EEP101LogoDo not adjust the dial, your TV Horror fix is back.
It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #101 – Unholy Matrimony!
On this installment we have a lot to catch up on. Why have we been gone for so long? I think most of you know why, but we cover that just in case.  Then we get into movies we’ve been watching including two recent flicks in The Invitation and Green Room. There is some hype for both of these movies, do they both live up to it? Is one of them even a horror movie? We give our opinions. Some comic news including a Fulci classic coming to paper as well as a possible resurrection for the Tales from the Darkside reboot that ended up not happening.  We finish off the show giving our thoughts on the season finales of Fear the Walking Dead & Bates Motel and then dig into the season premiere of Preacher.  Mike never read the comic, Brian loved the comic, Jamie….sort of read some of the comic? Does it make a difference? Find out now on Evil Episodes Podcast #101……..
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