Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #103 Stranger Danger

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It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #103 – Stranger Danger

On this episode we get right into some movies we’ve all seen including February/The Black Coats Daughter, Purge: Election Year, and Lights Out.  We talk about the season finale of Preacher’s 1st season and discuss S2 of Scream and what we are hoping for in the finale (the finale will have aired by the time you listen to this).  Then we welcome in a returning very special guest, Douglas Tilley of No Budget Nightmares & Eric Roberts is the F’N Man podcasts, as well as a regular co-host of Mike’s on Theme Warriors podcast.  We put Doug through another trio of Tales from the Darkside episodes but then attempt to alleviate the pain of it all with a nice discussion on the netflix original series Stranger Things. Listen now!!!!!!

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Brian Sammons

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