Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #104 31 Breathes, 4 Slashers

eep104promoDo not adjust the dial, your TV Horror fix is back…..

It’s Evil Episodes Podcast #104

On this episode Mike messes up on his very first spoken words on the show and welcomes you to #103, despite this being episode #104. What a kidder, eh?!  We all went to the theater to see Don’t Breathe and share our thoughts.  Only Mike had the “pleasure?” of seeing Rob Zombie’s latest assault on the senses, 31.  We discuss the return of Fear of the Walking Dead, The Strain, and dive into the first four episodes of the Chiller original series, Slasher.  We close out the show with the next three episodes of Tales from the Darkside’s 4th and final season which include The Moth, No Strings, & The Grave Robber. This is the last “summer season” episode as by the time we record again the TV Horror scene will be on overdrive…..*buckle your seatbelts*

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Evil Episodes Cast:
Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins

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Brian Sammons

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