Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #14 Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me, now available!

Hello again you ghouls and gals! In Episode 14 Darrick and I ask you to choose sides as we review the movie Humans vs. Zombies that premiered a couple months ago on Chiller network.The movie is a take on a game made popular on college campuses across the world over the past decade where people role play massive zombie attacks, except there is no role playing here, just bloody carnage as the zombies are real! Did Chiller deliver a hidden gem or will this rot away in the cesspool of horror movie slush?

We also invite our good pal Doug Tilly (@Doug_Tilley) from DailyGrindhouse to discuss The Fly and The Fly remake in quite an epic conversation that as per usual, veers off course from time to time onto other horror subjects as well as the randomness you have come to expect, appreciate and gush over on this podcast! Please show Doug appreciation for coming on as a guest by visiting his website and checking out his awesome podcast No Budget Nightmares where he takes on a breed of movies that is even more low brow than the dreaded TV Horror….haha!

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