Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #21

Welcome back for the latest addition of Evil Episodes. On this addition we begin
with some discussion on what we’ve been watching and what we’re planning to watch.
I get into a coupleof games I’ve begun playing and some early thoughts on those
games. We then break into some news from the world of TV horror as well as share
some stuff from the web we’ve recently seen.
This week’s featured reviews are two more of SYFY’s “most dangerous month” movies,
Piranhaconda & Arachnoquake. Is either one up to par? Mike & Jamie have a bit of a
different opinion on which is more worth your time. Finally, a disagreement!
The episode is rounded out by the very first installment of the Tales from the
Darkside series retrospective which has the co-hosts breaking down the series
starting from the beginning and going over it episode by episode. In this edition we
discuss the pilot and first two episodes.
As always we hope you enjoy the show and feel free to leave any comments in the
thread below as well as sending feedback to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com

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