Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #24 Tales From The Hood, Hood of Horror and Rec 3!

Welcome back for the latest episode of Evil Episode podcast! #24 is a pretty big one. So bear with us and get ready to not go anywhere for awhile!!!

We start off with some news out of GamesCon and some news on a couple returning Horror TV shows as well as some new properties debuting early next year. We are then proud to introduce a brand new segment to our show from Jason of Horrorphilia featuring new DVD releases for the month of August. Jason goes to great length to provide us all a guide on what to avoid and what to run out and add to the collection. This will be a recurring segment once a month on the podcast. 

Then we welcome David from Devour the Podcast (Jamie’s other podcast if you didn’t know) to help us wrap up the Horror in the Hood retrospective with reviews of Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror and Tales from the Hood. Thankfully we saved the best the sub-genre has to offer for last! 

But it doesn’t end there, the show closes out with a bonus segment featuring a review of REC 3! We are once again joined by David of Devour the Podcast and also dragged Slashercast Ted from Slashercast into the discussion. This review/discussion is sort of a companion piece to the review Jamie participated in with Slashercast a couple weeks ago so I encourage everyone to go listen to that episode as well!

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