Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #29 Halloween 2012 Part 2

Welcome back to Evil Episodes!
This is the 2nd part of our Halloween 2012 themed episode, although you would hardly
know it because the conversation on this episode takes us all over the place. We
welcomeMike Murphy of Badasses, Boobs and Body Counts and Moe Porne of VHS and
No Budget Nightmares Podcasts
 to the show as special surprise guests and boy do they ever
deliver the surprises. This episode is absent the normal format of the show and is
more just one giant conversation on a ton of different subjects pertaining to
horror. We hit up such things as Mockingbird Lane, Tiny Toons Ghoulish Gallery,
Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin, the latest in Dexter, The Walking Dead and American
Horror Story, as well as trailers for World War Z, Hitchcock, & Maniac (remake). We
also speak briefly on the much anticipated debut of the zombie apocalypse web-series
Chronicles of the Dead (although in the future there will be more coverage and
discussion given to it). All this and much more in a nearly 3 hour block of

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