Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #31 “Christmas Missed Us” Special

EEP31LogoHappy Post-Holidays everyone!
As you can see, we didn’t quite get our Holiday special out when planned due to some
scheduling conflict so we decided to make due, and change it to a “Christmas Missed
Us” special.
We start out with what we watched and some news items, and then dig into a review of
Saint Nick aka Saint aka Sint. Then we invite Midnight Corey of The Electric Chair
http://electricchairshow.com/ show back for another epic discussion. This time he
joins us for a review of Tales from the Crypt’s “All through the house” both the
movie version and TV series version. Which one will reign supreme? The fun truly
begins when Corey breaks out his ukulele! Don’t miss podcast history folks…..Hope
everyone had a Scary Christmas and Happy Ghoul Year!

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