Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #32 “Give ’em a boooooody bag”

EEP32logoWelcome back for the 32nd episode of Evil Episodes!
In this edition we invite Moe (Drunk on VHS, No Budget Nightmares) back to discuss
John Carpenter’s 1993 made for TV Anthology special BODY BAGS! Three tales of the
macabre that aired on showtime. Do these short stories stand up to the legend of
Carpenter? From there Mike & Jamie tackle another three episodes of Tales from the
Darkside as we are rapidly approaching the end of the first season….(only 3 more
episodes left)! After that those that choose to stick around get a bonus segment of
Mike & Jamie going head to head on Texas Chainsaw (Massacre) 3D. If you’ve heard
Jamie on the Skeleton Crew’s retrospective, then you already know her general
opinion on the movie. Will Mike sway her one bit or will Jamie stand firm on her
opinion, don’t wait to find out! All that and the usual news segment and an update
on what we’ve been watching to kick off the show!

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