Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #40 Hemlock Grove Part 1 & Dexter Giveaway details

EEP40logoGrab the remote and some beer, Evil Episodes is back!

Welcome to #40!

In today’s episode Mike & Corey pick up the slack as our sister in evil, Jamie is off tending to life! We begin with some new horror items Mike has added to his collection including Dead Island: Riptide, a new zombie map for Black Ops 2, and a the horror comic Revival by Image.

Then we make our way into our usual wrap up of what’s currently airing on TV. The pickings are a little slim this time as Hannibal & Bates Motel are the only shows currently airing however we have plenty to discuss about both as Bates Motel is just about wrapped (in fact the finale will have aired by the time you hear this episode, apologies) and Hannibal is getting more crazy than ever.

Next up our much announced Giveaway details for Dexter’s season seven blu ray giveaway. We’ve made it easy to enter folks, very easy….so do yourself a favor and enter to win a free copy of the blu ray set!

Finally we get into the first half of Hemlock Grover, covering episodes 1-6. Is this another winner for netflix original series? Is it too Teeny Bopper-y? Is it scary? Are the effects decent? Do we even understand just exactly what the hell is going on after six episodes? Find out as we get pretty in depth on the first half of the season!

Also, look for a post on www.evilepisodes.com that will also detail every way to enter the Dexter Season 7 blu ray set giveaway hitting sometime shortly after this episode is posted online!


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