Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #52 ThanksGrabbing

EEP52logoYour Horror TV Fix is back!
Welcome to the not really Thanksgiving special. Truth be told, this episode has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. We decided on the quicker turn around time due to the holiday weekend coming up and thought it would be better to not have a 3 week gap between episodes. With that, there is less catching up to do than normal with our weekly horror shows, so we get that out of the way pretty quick and dive into some news items including:
  • Romero dissed The Walking Dead (again)
  • Christina Ricci as Lizzy Borden?
  • Lifeforce….the TV Series?
  • FX orders 13 episode season for the strain

      …………and more!

Then we get discuss the movie Grabbers (now available on netflix instant) and close out the show with the latest Tales from the Darkside segment covering the Season 2 episodes: Comet Watch, Dream Girl, & A New Lease on Life.
Oh, did I mention Corey was out for this episode? Well I just did.  In his place we have the infamous Moe Porne from Drunk on VHS & No Budget Nightmares!
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Tonight’s Guest:
Moe Porne
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Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
Midnight Corey
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