Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #53 Sacramento Gets Scary & Trashy!

EEP53LogoWelcome back to Evil Episodes.
This episode breaks format once again as there will not be a review of a tv show or movie. Instead, Mike is releasing an episode featuring two events local to his area in Sacramento, CA that are sure to horrify!  First up is footage of his third annual trip to the Cemetarium haunt (now located in Citrus Heights, CA). Mike, along with Robert Coker & Joe get a walk through of the new location and haunted house with owners/designers/builders Frankie & Troy.  They detail what is new, how the new location happened and what to expect in the future.  Then we mic up Robert Coker for his walk through. 
Then we get ready for a killer time with the crew from the Trash Film Orgy, a local film event in the area that features horror/sci-fi/exploitation movies on the big screen reminiscent of your favorite midnight movie shows, only this is so much more….!  Doug from season pass podcast joins Mike as they talk with Christy Savage, Darin Wood, Lauren Weber and others involved in this annual film event. And get us and everyone primed for the screening of Silent Night Deadly Night this Saturday at 9pm (Doors at 8pm). This is an event you won’t want to miss…..
The podcast will return to it’s more regular format with Episode 54 which will feature a huge discussion on The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale and thoughts overall on season 4’s first half!
Until then…..stay evil (and warm)!

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