Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #54 TWD S:4 Mid-Season Finale!

EEP54LogoWelcome back to your TV Horror fix,
On this episode we have one thing on our minds. The Walking Dead. More specifically the season 4 mid-season finale and the events leading up to it, not to mention on our thoughts on where things could go from here.  Such a hot topic deserves a special conversation so we invited two special guests to discuss this topic with us.  First up, returning to the show, editor of Cthulhu Unbound 3, Brian Sammons. We also welcome for the first time to the show, from Right Left Turn Productions, Shawn Ewert. Listen in as we talk everything from who survived, who bit the dust, similarities and differences from the comic and so much more….this episode is a one-shot, but what a great topic to stretch our legs out for and get into the nitty gritty!
Please take a moment to watch the trailer for SACRAMENT (below)
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP2rtrudKro [/youtube]   

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Tonight’s Guests:
Brian Sammons
Shaun Ewert
Evil Episodes Cast:
Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
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